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Team Gai

We're all in the springtime of our youth!

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Welcome to the Team Gai community. Basically this is community for last year’s rookies of the Anime/Manga Naruto. Why? Because it’s probably the craziest team in the series. And non of them get enough love.


--This page is meant souly for the fanart/fanfiction/icons and discussion of the members of Team Gai. That being Rock Lee, Neji, Tenten and of course, their Sensei, Gai.

--This doesn’t mean though, that it’s restricted to them alone. Just make sure that at least ONE of the characters in your fan work is from Team Gai.
(So Lee/Sakura is all good etc.)

--If you’re gonna post in here make sure there’s at least some relevance to these characters. Same goes for pimping your own communities
(For example, if you wanna pimp your NejixHinata community go crazy. But please don’t promote your Orochimaru community here or Gai Sensei will have to drop kick you.)

--When writing a fic, make sure you use LJ-cut and mark it for spoilers and any other warnings. (Smut, Non-con ect.) Same goes for fanart.

--Make sure to mark your spoilers in general.

--Anything goes here. Yaoi/Yuri/Het it’s all good as long as proper warnings are given.

-- No Flames and/or Character/Bashing.

Most importantly try to have fun and go with the joys of youth! OSSU!